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    Gilbert Starleigh has worked for approximately 12 years with Good News Outreach a Tallahassee based faith-based organization

    Gilbert Starleigh has worked for approximately 12 years with Good News Outreach, a Tallahassee based faith-based organization. This nonprofit organization strives to reduce hunger, homelessness, and isolation to those in need by providing food, shelter, and social interaction through collaborative efforts within the Tallahassee community. Gilbert’s area of expertise was assisting in opening and managing several inmate transition homes for formerly incarcerated men as they begin their journey toward becoming contributing members of society.


    We accomplished this through a partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections. These homes are known as the Mercy Houses. These transition homes supply housing, food, social support, employment, and educational opportunities through a wealth of community outreach resources and other ministries.


    Gilbert Starleigh is currently a registered Florida Department of Corrections Volunteer Minister, which allows him access to all of the Florida Department of Corrections prisons. Gilbert is also currently the director of Second Chance Prison Ministries, based at Fellowship Baptist Church in Tallahassee. He has been involved in this ministry in all capacities for approximately 13 years.


    Although retired from day to day involvement with Good News Outreach, through the directorship of Second Chance Prison Ministries, Gilbert Starleigh still directly refers many needy men coming out of the Florida Prison System to the Mercy House homes, most of which would be homeless if not for the services and care given at these transitional homes.

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